Tele Visions was an experimental intervention of the TV medium in the last days of analog TV in Australia, a temporary pop up TV channel that broadcast from the 28th of November to the 3rd of December 2013. The broadcast aired 24hrs a day with curated screen based and commissioned live televisual art works specifically for and about TV.

Tele Visions insists upon viewing the shutdown of analog TV services as a seminal moment in Australia’s history, noting that it represents the endpoint of 57 continuous years of the most pervasive and dominating mass media platform to date. Rarely have artists been allowed the possibility of producing work for this broadcast medium. Artists Alex White & Emma Ramsay saw this as a final chance to occupy and pull apart the cultural and technological phenomenon of TV in its dying moments.

Tele Visions commissioned 5 new works specifically for TV broadcast from Lara Thoms, Wrong Solo (Agatha Gothe Snape and Brian Fuata), Kate Blackmore and Frances Barrett, Pia van Gelder, and Joel Stern. Artists were supported to attend an intensive workshop led by video artist John Gillies that examined TV as a cultural phenomena, histories of TV broadcast art and the live TV making apparatus. The live works were presented by Performance Space in front of a studio audience at Carriageworks and Verge Gallery, Sydney.

A call out for screen works yielded a massive response of nearly 200 entries including new works specifically devised for Tele Visions. A selection was curated to be programmed alongside the live televisual works forming a 24 hr a day schedule over 5 days.

The resulting channel was broadcast over short-range analog transmission (Tele Visions holds the last analog TV license to be issued in Australia by the ACMA) and streamed via the internet. A TV guide was produced with supporting essays and additional short essays were commissioned in response to the broadcast and published on the Tele Visions website.

Tele Visions Afterlude presents these works in a new installation context where a number of self-generating TV channels continuously schedule and re-schedule the documented live TV works and selected screen works from the original Tele Visions program. Viewers can navigate through the works by changing channel and rewinding or fast forwarding through works. It is at once a solution to presenting a large volume of screen works in a gallery context and a reference to what TV has now become.

Tele Visions was devised, directed and produced by Alex White and Emma Ramsay.

Tele Visions was made possible by support from the Interarts Board at the Australia Council for the Arts, Community Broadcasting Foundation, Metro Screen, Performance Space and TVS. Tele Visions was originally  part of the You’re History 30th Anniversary season at Performance Space.




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Illustration by Shana Cleveland