Broadcast Artists

Jay Cruikshank

Jay Cruikshank is a Sydney based artist and filmmaker who works in a variety of mediums; and has recently garnered much acclaim both locally and internationally for his debut feature film Garish Hearts, described by FilmInk magazine as “Lurid, entertaining and occasionally deranged”. Desert Planet Trailer – Jay Cruikshank and Angela Garrick   Share

Ohira and Bonilha

Luciana Ohira (1983) and Sergio Bonilha (1976), São Paulo (Brasil), are both graduated in Visual Arts by Escola de Comunicações e Artes da Universidade de São Paulo (ECA-USP); together they got involved in many strange situations as described in here: Once Share

Emma Hicks

Emma Hicks is a Sydney based artist. She is currently completing a Master of Fine Art at Sydney College of the Arts. Emma has exhibited both nationally and internationally working across film, installation and performance, and has recently participated in the following exhibitions and festivals: SCA galleries (re:cinema), Articulate Project Space (Out of Site), The […]

Chris Norman

Chris-Norman-313RGB-Image copy

313RGB’s current practice seamlessly crosses media from museum installations to music video’s and curating cross-media events blurring the boundaries between designer, artist and technician. 313RGB is Chris Norman with collaborators Aaron Horsley and Roland Gataric. 313RGB recent projects include co-curating Sound to Light — Crossing Borders, presented simultaneously through leading Australian winter festivals: MONA’s Dark Mofo […]

Geoffrey Weary

Geoffrey Weary is a film and digital video artist who makes works for single screen projection and site specific installations. Geoffrey’s films are experimental works that incorporate the use of obsolete video recording systems, 16mm, Super-8 film and HD digital. He is particularly interested in exploring how notions of “presence” are defined through the aesthetic […]

Ed Leckie


Edward Leckie is an electronics engineer educated at the University of Sydney. He is also a video artist, electronic music producer, and co-developer of the LZX Visionary Analogue Video Synthesizer system. His video artwork has been exhibited at the Hyperlink Festival at the Tate Modern, London. Slinky Ribbon Untitled Platelets X1-1 Philocybin Share

David Hayes (AVD78)

Girls In New York

David Hayes (AVD78) is a London based Video Artist. He has an extensive background in television post production. His recent work celebrates his love for the analogue process. He creates video using his vast collection of old mixers and processors. The vast majority of this video work can be found on Vimeo and he regularly posts stills […]

Zinzi Kennedy


ACAB collective based in Melbourne, is Zinzi Kennedy and Ben Johanson. ACAB was founded in 2010 after graduating from Honours of Fine Art at Monash University. The collective has since been exhibiting throughout artist run initiatives and visual art festivals nationally, primarily producing large-scale multimedia installations which reinvents locally sourced materials through accumulation, manipulation and […]

Lewis Godwin


Lewis Godwin aka Raatboy is a member of NOIZE FUZZ AND TOTAL NONSENSE!! MILLENNIUM PUNKS FROM THE LAND DOWN-UNDER!! VAGINORS – ‘Say Nothing’ *trailer* Share

Jesse Fitzmaurice

Jesse Fitzmaurice

‘Influenced by the appropriative performances by Spartacus Chetwynd, I began the semester investigating the idea of national identity in contemporary Western culture in Australia. As I started to develop a library of sampled video media, I noticed a variety of severe sexist cultural behaviours that have been established and made accessible.Sampling media, such as advertisements […]

Clint Enns

The Everden1

Clint Enns is a video artist and filmmaker from Toronto, Ontario, whose work primarily deals with moving images created with broken and/or outdated technologies. His work has shown both nationally and internationally at festivals, alternative spaces and mircocinemas. He has a MasterÕs degree in mathematics from the University of Manitoba, and has recently received a […]



Guy Sterling is an English-born Australian singer-songwriter, businessman and television personality. Sterling has released the singles “Mysterious Girl” and “Flava”. His ex-wife is glamour model Katie Price, with whom he had two children. Guy Sterling has created/destroyed a number ‘art’ projects under a variety of pseudonyms over the last 20 years. A majority of these […]

Henry Driver

Worship of Nothing Henry Driver

Using obsolete and deteriorated technology I explore the themes of mortality, decay and humanity’s ever increasing reliance on technology. My videos present sensory overloads which represent the state of modern society, constantly overloaded with imagery, information and products that instantly become out of date and irrelevant. My work is a response to the dystopia of today […]

Timothy Dwyer

╁╪╁ frame

Timothy Dwyer is a musician and video maker living in Sydney. Having performed extensively under the moniker Horse Macgyver, his works and performances continue to evolve as an alchemical wash of digital distortions, improvisations, and internet psychosis. Since graduating with Honours from the ANU school of art in 2008, he has directed, curated, performed, and […]

Selena de Carvalho


Selena de Carvalho is a cross-disciplinary artist and designer based in Tasmania Australia. Her practice responds to notions of personal ecology personal ecology, ritual intergenerational memory and our human/cultural relationship to place  and the environment. Often exploring a paradox inherent in our contemporary relationship with the natural world; how we yearn for the untamed and […]

Jesse D. England


Jesse England was born in 1982 in Oregon, USA. In his youth, he was exposed to wide a variety of new imaging devices which supplanted their predecessors (16mm, Beta, VHS, Super 8mm, CD, DVD, miniDV, NTSC, etc., all came to pass). He obtained a bachelor of science degree in multimedia design from the University of […]

Karen Curley

Karen Curley is a media artist, interaction designer, filmmaker and lecturer who explores the creation of interactive objects and responsive environments for live performance and media installation. Her work involves intersections between emerging digital technologies and analogue materials in the creation of immersive spaces, tangible interfaces, time-based media and audiovisual performance with projects often situated […]

Alex Cuffe


Alex Cuffe is a multi-disciplinary artist who works across sculpture, installation, sound and video. In recent years he’s approached the medium of video in his practice, producing short documentaries and films. In his sculptural practice he produces objects in relation to convoluted theories drawn from mundane  personal histories, science, geometry, kinetics and acoustics utilising the […]

Holly Childs


  Holly Childs is an artist and writer based in Melbourne. Her writing has previously appeared in Overland, Going Down Swinging, Endless Lonely Planet and Magasine. She has exhibited in Australia and internationally. She is a co-editor of Crazy in Love magazine. Deleting Aerosmith Share

Sarah Byrne

sarah byrne

Sarah Byrne is a Brisbane-based artist interested in the cross-pollination of video, sound, and performative installation practice tainted by cringe culture and pop critique. Through processes of addressing the re-edit, Byrne investigates conceptual and material forms of appropriated video poetics, and the disruption of psychological and screen spaces. Playing emphasis upon cut and paste repetition […]

Tega Brain


The Ordinary Collective The Ordinary Collective are Tega Brain, Caddie Brain and Brendan Phelan and have been working together in Sydney since 2009. Their work explores everyday objects and ideas that are so familiar, they are mostly overlooked. The collective makes installation work as well as publishing the well loved online magazine, Ordinary Magazine. The […]

Cristine Brache

photo of myself

Cristine Brache is an artist.  She lives and works in Guangzhou, China.  Her videos have recently been screened in places such as The Phillips Collection, the Museum of the Moving Image, and at the Festival des Cinémas Différents et Expérimentaux de Paris.  Visit for more info Ad for Self-Immolation Share

Aaron Bowles


Aaron Bowles’ artistic practice is one that moves between mediums, incorporating elements from all disciplines of art-making, such as painting and video, or architecture and performance.  He has exhibited at numerous venues across the U.S. including Columbia University’s M.W. Offit Gallery in New York, Parrish Art Museum in Watermill, NY, Rogue Video and Performance in Brooklyn, […]

Lucinda Barnett

Lucinda Barnett is a Melbourne based artist who recently completed her studies at The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology with a BA in Fine Arts Photography. Lucinda’s practice is concerned with the still and moving image of her family history. Lucinda also curates and interns at Screen Space Gallery in Melbourne, a space dedicated to […]