Screening Artists

Chris Norman

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313RGB’s current practice seamlessly crosses media from museum installations to music video’s and curating cross-media events blurring the boundaries between designer, artist and technician. 313RGB is Chris Norman with collaborators Aaron Horsley and Roland Gataric. 313RGB recent projects include co-curating Sound to Light — Crossing Borders, presented simultaneously through leading Australian winter festivals: MONA’s Dark Mofo […]

Ed Leckie


Edward Leckie is an electronics engineer educated at the University of Sydney. He is also a video artist, electronic music producer, and co-developer of the LZX Visionary Analogue Video Synthesizer system. His video artwork has been exhibited at the Hyperlink Festival at the Tate Modern, London. Slinky Ribbon Untitled Platelets X1-1 Philocybin Share

Elliot Shields and Lewis Miles


Lewis Miles and Elliot Shields are two artists from Sydney. They share the same life path number of 7, which according to means they are devoted to investigations into the unknown, and finding the answers to the mystery of life. To date they have done so through video, sculpture and printmaking. Time + […]

Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison is an Australian sound and video artist. His practice encompasses live performance, gallery installation and festival screenings that have focused towards the synergistic properties of the moving image. He has had numerous solo and group exhibitions nation-wide and his audiovisual works have screened extensively nationally and abroad. His primary research and output has […]

Tara Cook


Tara Cook is a Melbourne based contemporary media artist, PhD candidate and Gallery Director at New Low. She is interested in better understanding our relationship with technology through artistic research, curatorship and practice.  Her photographic, moving and interactive media artworks reflect on the self and the work of art in the digital age. Often saturated […]

Amelia Johannes

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Amelia Johannes’ research-based art practice visually explores the construction of identity. Her  experimental video artworks visually and spatially explore ritual, tradition, uncertainty,  perception and memory as components of identity. The method behind her investigations is to re-assemble collected materials in idiosyncratic ways, whereby raw video footage is edited to emphasis patterns of rhythm, transforming the original […]

Tully Arnot

Inventive and alchemical manipulation of material and form are used to investigate the subtle changing of states within art ~ from everyday object to sculpture/ invention/artwork, or stuck between in a state of flux. Further, his work addresses a desire to reconnect with objects and understand what their functions (and by extension, our needs) really […]

Layla Vardo

Layla graduated from RMIT School of Art in 2009. She has exhibited at galleries including West Space, Ryan Renshaw Gallery, and PICA. In 2010 Her video O-bit was awarded second prize in the DR. Harold Schenberg Art Prize, was finalist in the Royal Bank of Scotland Emerging Artist Award and the Viscopy John Fries Memorial Prize. […]

Nick Ciontea

Nick Ciontea

brownshoesonly is the business and moniker of Chicago creative Nick Ciontea, who focuses on synthesizer manufacturing by day, and video art by night. Working around analog technologies, brownshoesonly creates textures and patterns lost in the age of digital media. Since the foundation of brownshoesonly in 2010, the client list has grown significantly and expanded into […]

Aiden Morse


  ‘Aiden Morse (b. 1994) is a Tasmanian artist currently studying a BFA at RMIT in Melbourne. Using the language of commercial photography, his recent work explores notions of the uncanny through colourful and disquieting images and videos. His work can be found at TV Spot (Foot) Share

Katie Hare


Katie Hare (b.1987, London) currently lives and works in London. In 2010 she graduated from Central Saint Martins and has since exhibited in the UK, mainland Europe and Australia. Earlier this year, she completed a five-month residency at the University of Reading. Recent exhibitions and screenings include ‘Calculated’, a solo exhibition commissioned by curatorial project […]

Heath Franco

Heath Franco (b. 1984) is a visual artist living in Sydney, Australia. In 2005 Franco completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the College of Fine Arts (UNSW) specialising in drawing and painting. Franco now works primarily in Performance-based Video and is interested in creating immersive and stimulating gallery Installations. TELEVISIONS   Share

Nicola Morton

Nicola Morton loves machines and the paranormal, when she was young she would dream she was a steam train. She has a B.Music (Technology) from Qld Conservatorium of Music (2003). Her performance work (encompassing music and visual art) has received significant support in the form of independent review plus awards and grants from QMusic, Asialink, […]

Stephan Groß

unnamed (1)

  Stephan Groß studied visual arts and mathematics at the university of Bremen from 1999 till 2005 with early computer artist Frieder Nake among others. His works deal with the artistic transformation of print media, visual poetry and with installation. Groß had a fellowship of the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes and won the Löwenhof-Förderpreis, Frankfurt […]

Kym Maxwell


 Maxwell is an artist, teacher and writer whose work within and across these distinct fields concerns notions of identity, play, education and social space. More specifically, Maxwell’s work concerns the types of interpersonal relationships that are generated between friends, strangers, teachers and the ideological unfettered “play” of adults and children. Maxwell is concerned with the […]

Dominic Kirkwood

TelevisionsFFDIIStill copy

Dominic Kirkwood is an artist based in Sydney, Australia. Exclusively working in video Kirkwood’ area of interest is in the audio-visual possibilities of the medium and how these sound-image relations can be pushed, pulled and ruptured. FFDII     Share

David Perry

David Perry is an Australian experimental film and video-maker, and was a founding member of Ubu Films (1965).1 Previously he trained in the graphics arts (the printing trade) and aspects of graphic arts techniques can be seen in some of his works. Perry sums up his work by saying that even while working with videotape he […]

Emile Zile


Emile Zile is an artist, filmmaker and performer. Search: ‘cinema’, ‘gesture’, ‘internet’, ‘translation’, ‘euphoria’, ‘exorcism’, ‘audio-vision’, ‘preset’, ‘over-identification’. Emile received a BFA degree from RMIT Media Arts Melbourne before relocating to Amsterdam in 2007 to commence a MFA degree at the Sandberg Institute. In 2012 he began a two year studio residency at the Rjksakademie […]

RGB Heart – Andrew Gibbs

RGB Heart still

This series explores the beating analogue heart of the television. All audio is creating the visual.Modular synthesiser, television, feedback. Andrew Gibbs Screening Event: Pattern Gestures Screening   Share

Andrew Gibbs


Andrew Gibbs is an audiovisual artist using audio and vision to create immersive, interactive environments. He has been exploring the relationship between video and sound since 1999 and is interested in synesthetic and audio-reactive applications of the two mediums. Under the moniker Simulcast, Andrew has worked with numerous bands, DJs, festivals and events to produce […]

Josephine Skinner

Josephine Skinner_Tele Visions_Head Shot

Josephine Skinner is a Sydney-based artist working with video installation. Fascinated by the convergence of private realities and social fictions, she transforms audiovisual material mined from YouTube into spectacles that are as emotive and immersive as they are banal and flawed. In 2013 she was awarded the Firstdraft Emerging Studio Residency Program, and was the […]

Tom Zubrycki

Tom Zubrycki

Tom Zubrycki is an award-winning documentary filmmaker  renowned for his distinctive observational story-telling style and his ability to get close to his subjects. Over a career spanning 30 years his best-known films as director include Billal (1996), The Diplomat (2000),  Molly & Mobarak (2003) and The Hungry Tide (2011), and as producer Exile in Sarajevo […]

William Mansfield


William Mansfield is a Sydney based new media artist, specialising in video and sculptural installation. He graduated from the College of Fine Arts, UNSW with 1st Class Honours in 2007 and has exhibited widely in group shows throughout Australia and abroad. Mansfield’s practice fuses ideas of schlock horror and glitch art with childhood nostalgia. He […]