Sofa, so good.


A couple of hours ago, the last minutes of analogue television in Australia coincided with a doughnut breakfast at Verge Gallery in Sydney. The breakfast broke the fast that performance artists Kate Blackmore and Francis Barrett had undergone over the last eight days, as they sat in the gallery watching every episode of The Simpsons […]

Briohny Doyle on watching Tele Visions


On Sunday I wake up and get straight on to my assignment. It’s 9am and either Frances or Kate is lying on a couch watching The Simpsons. For a while it’s magnetic to watch her watching The Simpsons, early, before the other artists have emerged. She looks really tired. I like how she looks. Tired […]

Larry Emdur’s Suit and other musings from Tele Visions Day 3 from Jessie Scott


It was with great excitement, perusing the Tele Visions program guide (with its satisfying rustle of newsprint) that I noted the inclusion of Emile Zile’s great undergrad work Larry Emdur’s Suit. A small classic of it’s time, I can’t think of a better moment to uncover it, or a better context in which it should […]

Friday on my Tele Visions: Reflections on Day 2 of Televisions from Kath Letch


I tune in Friday morning online in Melbourne – black silhouette images float across traffic / trees / cityscapes with the whooshing soundtrack of traffic. The need for coffee causes a trip to the local shop for milk supplies and when I return there is static. Full abstract black and white hissing static not just […]

Just Call Me Homer: Thoughts on the First Day of Tele Visions from Dr Ben Byrne


Tuning in to the opening day of Tele Visions was an incredibly strange experience. Far stranger than I had expected. Living in Melbourne, well out of range of the UHF transmission, I had to rely on the stream on this website. I hit play on my iPad while eating my lunch – TV and food, I must admit, […]

Doug Anderson on “Television”

good evening

“Good evening and welcome to television!” Most viewers over the past half century would remember Bruce Gyngell’s convivial introduction to the advent of the televisual era in Australia on September 15, 1956. It has been replayed often over the years as television  – never a medium to shy away from self-congratulation in all its forms […]

Television as Performance Space

TechnoDumbShow_John Gillies and The Sydney Front Image

Television as Performance Space By John Gillies Television’s great innovation was that it could be everywhere at once and in real-time.  Broadcasting could be expanded sculpture, as artist Lucio Fontana dreamed; as immaterial as electrons in space, made visible in flashes of light and constellations in time and space, connecting inner and outer worlds, forms […]

A Brief Look at Analog Imaging Instruments


Media practice evolved in the late 1960s and early 70s as artists began to explore then-new analog television instruments, particularly portable video recording technology, and to build analog tools for image processing. The impulse to create media art emerged partly as a reaction to the one-way delivery system of a broadcast television dominated by corporate […]

From the Tele Visions Co-Directors


TV has ended. After 57 years of continuous broadcasting, television will be switched off in Sydney at 9am on the 3rd of December. When we speak of TV we refer to analog broadcast TV. Digital broadcast TV will, of course, continue. However, much of the medium’s specific attributes have vanished or are in the process […]