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VAGINORS: ‘Say Nothing’ *trailer* – Lewis Godwin

Trailer for the forthcoming Vaginors music film ‘Say Nothing’. Say Nothing’ captures the millennium punks Vaginors at their most distilled. Unadulterated self indulgence. A punk rock tour de force in 7 tracks strung together with an array of erotic destruction and nonsensical punksploitation. Lewis Godwin Share

Big M Girls 1 – Jesse Fitzmaurice

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 3.43.08 PM

Big M Girls 1 is one of my early experiments embodying this reuse function of détournement through my own performative process of controlling the duration, looping, opacity transitions, changing the scale and other visual effects. Live, in real time, I have been creating semi-improvised ‘mash-ups’, often synchronised to a sound, and musical elements that are […]

The Everden – Clint Enns

Conflicted emotions about the city. Fears and anxieties surrounding movement and travel. Fragile dreams become nightmarish realities. Shot on a broken pxl2000 in 5 movements. Clint Enns Share

No Frills: Video Zine – 7U?

  No frills was a photocopied ‘zine that ran from 1998-2003 over 10 sporadic issues and included a one off CD and a videocassette. The ‘zine was a collection of random findings, submissions from readers and collages; assembled by Guy Sterling under the pseudonym 7U? It was also used to promote local noise/unintelligent dance music events and […]

Chunder From Down Under – William Mansfield


Chunder From Down Under is an experimental video glitch compilation of projectile vomits from Australian Television and Film. This piece is a celebration of compression artifacts, a form of alchemy that mutates the source video into an evolving kaleidoscopic trance of broken pixels, reminiscent of the gross technicolour substance of vomit. Chunder From Down Under […]

Worship of Nothing – Henry Driver

The decay and demise of video tapes as they forget everything they had, transcending into noise and convulsion of colour. Henry Driver Share

Video Death – Henry Driver

The documentation of a monitor as it deteriorates and loses all grounding. Forced to repeatedly display footage of its own decay, it slips into insanity. Confronted with mortality and the falseness of eternity, it self-destructs. Unable to be human and create an illusion of immortality or stability. It is consumed. Henry Driver Share

╁╪╁ – Timothy Dwyer

╁╪╁ A transmission of unknown origin presents an ancient yet advanced technology. One of “infinite sense and definite means. Timothy Dwyer Share

(Un)popular culture – Selena de Carvalho

The performance and installation (un)popular culture, exposes a constructed and documented action where I have used a séance mobile app featuring a ‘medium’ attempting to make contact with ‘spirits’. I attempt to make contact with the lost digital signal PAL (Phase Alternation Line) which is being switched off Australia wide, prompting an influx of analogue […]

Vide-Uhhh! – Jesse D. England

Produced using a VHS VCR and a digital camcorder, Vide-Uhhh! is an exploration into the use of VHS as a recording medium with a degraded but desirable image, much like hand-processed Super8 film or PXL2000 video. As the usage of movie film declines, the “film look” of wiggly, vibrating scratch lines and film grain is […]

Tunguska – Karen Curley


Experimental seven-minute music video for New Zealand band HDU, devised using analogue video feedback techniques. Tunguska was created utilising both cathode ray tube televisions and re-filmed projections, in order to capture the intricate dynamic patterns that are formed by live optical interference loops. This method of production results in an alteration of commonly perceived visual […]

Sky Needle: Tour Diary 2013 – Alex Cuffe

In September / October 2013 the Australian experimental music group Sky Needle toured across the UK and Europe with fellow travellers Mad Nanna. ‘Sky Needle: Tour Diary’ is a document of this trip. Shot on a consumer point and shoot and an Aldi HD camcorder by different band members and produced by Alex Cuffe, ‘Sky […]

Deleting Aerosmith – Holly Childs

Four complete Aerosmith music videos but with all footage of the band Aerosmith deleted. This leaves/creates four 1990s teen mini movies you’ve never seen before; silent movies that slide across and around Clueless, Terminator 2, Showgirls, Stealing Beauty, Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion, Thelma and Louise whatever. Everyone is stupid and playful. Augmented with […]

Weird Sist3rs – Sarah Byrne

Adapted from 90s Australian children’s education program Inside Out , Weird Sist3rs explores a glitched out reworking of  the processes of a “talking heads” based interview system. Through a series of fractured repetitions, a diverse group of pubescents discuss the repercussions of interpretation and appropriation via examining Shakespeare’s Macbeth, as seen through the work of three contrasting directors. […]

Test Pattern Lounge – Tega Brain

With the days of analog television drawing to a close, it’s time to pack down the trusty test pattern once and for all. It has served us well, making our screens bright and cheery when our favourite programs come to an end, as well as being a comfortable place to hang out. So make yourselves […]

Ad for Self-Immolation – Cristine Brache

An advertisement for a self-immolation product that addresses the ongoing self-immolations in Tibet and the high tech methods of control the Chinese government uses to crowd control.  The website exists as an online extension of this video. Cristine Brache Share

Random Scatterings

Drawing influence from analog television and chance-based art of the mid-twentieth century, the same subject is painted in the exact same manner for 59 consecutive days.  Painted on a single canvas, the 59 layers are recorded and removed by hand sanding one by one as each consecutive layer is painted on top of the subsequent […]

For Future Reference – Lucinda Barnett


For Future Reference is a look back at an artists early interaction with video. Original home video is re-worked to isolate mistakes in focus, clumsy zooming, crooked framing and errors in the VHS. The work comments on the physical tactility of memories and its attachment to the captured image. The tape like memories are susceptible […]

It’s Me, I’m Here, Where’re You – Robyn Backen

It’s me, I’m here, Where’re you? was originally produced for the ABC project Yours Mine Ours: 50 years of ABC TV. This unique opportunity allowed for the innovation of an artwork from within the vaulted archive of ABC TV in close collaboration with ABC archive researchers. It’s me, I’m here, Where are you? used 50 […]

Analogue Meditations – Scott Baker

‘As memory blurs and fades, fragments remain and are revealed as they swim to the surface. A chance stumbling across a bunch of old DV tapes that had been recorded off the TV screen with a video camera in the late 90′s that had been put through a processing cycle of analogue TV > digital […]

Once – Ohira and Bonilha


Eleven seconds of eleven places which once really were places; taken at La Coruña, Spain, during the present economic crisis / Once segundos en once lugares que han sido hogares en el passado; realizado en La Coruña durante la presente crise económica. Ohira and Bonilha Share

TELEVISIONS – Heath Franco

HFranco_TELEVISIONS(still)03 copy

Heath Franco’s, TELEVISIONS is a linear exploration across several fictitious television channels – a kind of time-based digital landscape. The ‘look’ of Australian commercial network television is loosely referenced – it’s logos/symbols, jingles, framing techniques, advertisements and media personalities feature in subverted forms. Imaginations on the notion of static as the remnants of ‘big bang’ […]

Muting – Kevin Logan


Stills are taken of a CRT TV screen, the sound is turned off, and the television tells you in an almost conversational fashion what it is doing, it is ‘muting’. This elevates the goggle-box to the position of a character. It is further ascribed a life-of-it’s-own by the addition of the cough. Unlike the voice […]

Inside TV – John Jacobs

Inside TV pic copy

Inside TV is a punk snapshot of Aussie eighties TV culture made in 1984 by John Jacobs with domestic VHS video decks and guerilla-distributed at the end of hire videos. John spent much his suburban Australian idol-essence in a love/hate relationship with his television. His apprenticeship at the ABC revealed the magic powers of tape editing. […]