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Live from the Cockpit of Pampered Isolation, nightly at 6pm


As part of Box Set, join anchor Nick Keys each night at 6pm with a range of guests, ideas and discussions. Broadcast live each night at 6pm right here and broadcast on analog TV transmission: 681.25 MHZ in the UHF band. Guests just announced include: //Thu: Join Box Set anchor Nick Keys with Astrid Lorange, in […]

Progressively Degrading Test Pattern – Matte Rochford


Progressively Degrading Test Pattern is a video sequence showing the way a signal becomes weaker when videotape is copied over and over again. Using a test pattern from the end of a rented VHS tape and two video cassette recorders (VCRs), the image is copied from the original tape to a new blank tape. That tape is in turn […]

New Neon: The Girls In New York Go Beep – David Hayes (AVD78)

This is an official video made for Austin’s experimental electro duo New Neon. Models were used to lip-syncthe energetic vocals in front of a glitchy New York backdrop. These were photographed by Charlotte Rutherford Photography. The video was then manipulated many times over with an analogue process. David Hayes (AVD78) Share

TELEVISIONS – Heath Franco

HFranco_TELEVISIONS(still)03 copy

Heath Franco’s, TELEVISIONS is a linear exploration across several fictitious television channels – a kind of time-based digital landscape. The ‘look’ of Australian commercial network television is loosely referenced – it’s logos/symbols, jingles, framing techniques, advertisements and media personalities feature in subverted forms. Imaginations on the notion of static as the remnants of ‘big bang’ […]

Time + Space TVC AD 1 – Elliot Shields and Lewis Miles


A memento mori of the late night adult advertisement. Distilling adult chat line commercials down to the most base use of sound, language, light and innuendo, these commercials solicit similar feelings of sexual unease through perverting the visual language of western sexual culture. Gluttonous inhalation of oysters, the raw physicality of winemaking and the reality […]

Test Pattern – Ocea Sellar

‘I remember the sound of a test pattern always came as an unpleasant shock when switching channels. As nothing was on, it was a fair signal I should do something other than watch TV. Test Pattern is a non-narrative video exploring a near obsolete technology through colour and sound. Historically test patterns were shown at […]



Kate Blackmore and Frances Barrett – Boxset – Highlights Reel #1 from Tele Visions on Vimeo. Kate Blackmore and Frances Barrett – Boxset – Highlights Reel #2 from Tele Visions on Vimeo. By Kate Blackmore and Frances Barrett Since its invention, television has been stigmatised for the belief that watching it requires less brain power […]