Screening Program Friday

Old Boys (Rework) – Chris Norman 313RGB

Old-Boys-(Rework)-Screen copy

Original 313RGB VJ Paka-Paka, Processed Analogue/Digital/Analogue Signal Decay, H-Scanned with Compressed/Decompressed Typography… Created on a then Girlfriends 1983 CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) which she paid $20 at Rugby Club Boot Sale… Add Cheap Dick Smith RCA converter… Our loyal TV until 2011 when we went our separate ways (Minder & The Sweeney never looked the […]

Philocybin – Ed Leckie

This piece is a celebration of the life and achievements of Philo Farnsworth. One of the inventors of the television. Ed Leckie Share

Chunder From Down Under – William Mansfield


Chunder From Down Under is an experimental video glitch compilation of projectile vomits from Australian Television and Film. This piece is a celebration of compression artifacts, a form of alchemy that mutates the source video into an evolving kaleidoscopic trance of broken pixels, reminiscent of the gross technicolour substance of vomit. Chunder From Down Under […]

TV Spot (Foot) – Aiden Morse


TV Spot (Foot) is an attempt to capture an overview of my practice in a short, advertisement style video. Aiden Morse Screening Event: Time and Space Destroyer Screening Share

Analog TV Booty to Bad Intentions’ Hemloch – Nicola Morton


  “Analog TV Booty to Bad Intentions’ Hemloch” Recorded in reflection of our large screen CRT TV, Nicola is able to project her image and video onto the analog signal, which sadly does not exist anymore in Brisbane. When there is no longer analog broadcast TV you can make your own. Slo-mo booty shaking is […]

I Like You. You’re Natural – Kym Maxwell

‘I like you, you’re natural’ Prisoner Adaptation, was produced in 1998 at a Artist Run Initative Kym Maxwell ran from 1997 to 2000 — Phyco City Gallery, Block Place, Melbourne. Inspired by Andy Kaufman’s painfully personal comedy in the 80′s, his candour and humour are used as a starting point for this video work. Maxwell […]

FFDII – Dominic Kirlwood

‘FFDII’ is an advertisement that pays close homage to Chris Burden’ 1977 TV commercial-cum performance, ‘Full Financial Disclosure’. In conjunction with an exhibition at Baum-Silverman Gallery Burden purchased advertising time on Channels 2, 4 and 7, which all broadcasted throughout the greater Los Angeles area. With an American flag as his backdrop Burden took on the appearance of a […]