Screening Program Saturday

Larry Emdur’s Suit – Emile Zile


‘Zile is chosen as a contestant on The Price is Right. He comes-on-down, gliding and shuffling. He shrugs, waves his hands, twitches and finishes up on stage, generating a series of movements that range in possible interpretation from ‘right on’ to ‘wow’ and then well beyond meaning. Host Larry Emdur can’t talk, he can only […]

Oprahagogo – Scott Morrison

Oprahagogo copy

At this party you watch people on TV watching people make TV. This party is hosted by the queen bee herself. Scott Morrison   Screening Event: Pattern Gestures Screening Share

Turned Off – Tara Cook

TURNED OFF” is an audio-visual video work that presents the moment when CRT TVs are turned off, creating various structures of light and abstractions of sound as the signal deconstructs and disappears into the tube. From representation to abstraction and finally finality, the switching off process is an event in which immersion breaks down to […]

(Utopian Memory Banks Presents) Fragments from the Past – David Perry

Utopian copy

Utopian Memory Banks Present Fragments from the Past (the longest title I’ve ever used), uses footage originally shot in London with an early form of half-inch portapak. With a crew of students in an art-school video studio I imagined a dystopian future where old videotapes had been “found in a building in Old North London.” These videotapes are […]

O-bit – Layla Vardo


O-bit is a chronological video composition of each first breath drawn during obituaries delivered by Richard Morecroft throughout his tenure with ABC News. It chronicles his televised ageing and functions as a video memorial to death in public life, while his breath invokes a visceral sense of mortality and passing time. Layla Vardo Screening Event: […]

RGB Heart – Andrew Gibbs

RGB Heart still

This series explores the beating analogue heart of the television. All audio is creating the visual.Modular synthesiser, television, feedback. Andrew Gibbs Screening Event: Pattern Gestures Screening   Share