Dr Ben Byrne

Ben Byrne - Self-Portrait (Image Courtesy of Ben Byrne)

Ben Byrne is an academic, musician, artist, organiser and writer interested in sonic art, media and culture. He is currently teaching in Media & Communication at RMIT University. He recently completed a PhD, producing a thesis, Murmur, that argues sound is a multiplicity. He has performed extensively in Australia and overseas, alone and with others. His […]

Kath Letch


Kath Letch has been involved with community broadcasting since the late 70’s, commencing as a broadcaster on 6UVS (now RTR FM) in Perth in 1980. She was a founding member of Artemis, a women artists collective, and Drastic on Plastic, a women’s music program, in WA. Her background in education and training includes working in Aboriginal […]

I Wish I Could Live In Hope

This video is processed found footage from an Aussie family on a road trip through America, the sound is derived from the same source. Ivan Lisyak Share

Ivan Lisyak

Kimchi And Ivan 2

I am a musician, producer, sound engineer, and video artist from Sydney Australia. My art practice is constructed using found footage, which is then re edited sometime with lots of processing other times without. In the past I have exhibited video work in Japan, USA and Australia. Most of my time is spent not making […]

In The End There Is Nothing Left To Say

In the end.. is an episode of iconic Australian soap drama ‘neighbors’, and its surrounding advertisements re- edited. The characters in the soap drama are stripped of all dialogue; the actors are forced to rely on their overwrought expressions to convey meaning. What is left is a dramatization of panting, heaving, and gesticulation. Ivan Lisyak […]

Matte Rochford

Matte Rochford is a performance artist who likes to work with videotapes and VCRs. Hailing from Dulwich Hill in Sydney, he studied performance at PACT Centre for Emerging Artists, and Communications (Social Inquiry) at UTS. He has lived in an art gallery in the name of performance art and has shown both static works and performances in galleries all […]

Clint Enns

Clint Enns is a video artist and filmmaker from Toronto, Ontario, whose work primarily deals with moving images created with broken and/or outdated technologies. His work has shown both nationally and internationally at festivals, alternative spaces and mircocinemas. He has a Master’s degree in mathematics from the University of Manitoba, and has recently received a […]

The Everden

Conflicted emotions about the city. Fears and anxieties surrounding movement and travel. Fragile dreams become nightmarish realities. Shot on a broken pxl2000 in 5 movements. Clint Enns Share

Andrew Gadow

Andrew is a Sydney based artist who’s work has previously been described as a “sensory manifestation” of “transcoded audiovisual art”, he is typically known to produce synesthetic “audiovisual work situated at the point of breakdown of sound and image” by “creating images out of sound data and sound out of image data”. His primary interest […]

Techné – Auxons

The work being  displayed on Tele Visions is a single screen extract from a larger three screened installation piece exhibited in 2007 titled Techné – Auxons.  The premise behind this work being a Heiddeger-esque reference to the technology in itself being a piece of high art, whilst also referring to the self producing nature of […]

Worship of Nothing

The decay and demise of video tapes as they forget everything they had, transcending into noise and convulsion of colour. Henry Driver Share

Video Death

Worship of Nothing Henry Driver

The documentation of a monitor as it deteriorates and loses all grounding. Forced to repeatedly display footage of its own decay, it slips into insanity. Confronted with mortality and the falseness of eternity, it self-destructs. Unable to be human and create an illusion of immortality or stability. It is consumed. Henry Driver Share

Henry Driver

Henry Driver Artist photo

Using obsolete and deteriorated technology I explore the themes of mortality, decay and humanity’s ever increasing reliance on technology. My videos present sensory overloads which represent the state of modern society, constantly overloaded with imagery, information and products that instantly become out of date and irrelevant. My work is a response to the dystopia of […]

Daniel Green


Daniel Green is a Sydney-based artist, whose work involves thinking about and consuming entertainment mediums across audio, video and performances. He was co-director of the artist-run initiative Firstdraft in 2006 and 2007, electronic arts and culture festival Electrofringe in 2009 and 2010, and Townsville’s second-best air guitarist in 2006. This Is More Share

Ohira & Bonilha




Tele Visions ran a successful crowd funding campaign to assist in meeting the costs of the analog transmitter, transmission license and web stream. One of the reward offered supporters the chance to not only be on TV but be on TV as a droning almost endless looping GIF inspired by the Hypno Toad program from Futurama […]

Celeste Aldahn

  Celeste Aldahn an emerging interdisciplinary artist and graduate of the South Australian School of Art (BVA: Honours, 1st Class). My research concerns the interconnectivity of contemporary feminist studies and alternative spirituality, focusing on the popular culture associated with young women and female experience. I employ craft and material-centric methods in creating sculpture and video […]

B+W Ants vs Colour


B+W Ants vs Colour is a merging of digital signal failure with analogue. The intentional application of digital artifacts and purposeful glitch manipulation has bent the black and white static pixels into bright colours. It has been created for the purpose of a short interlude between other longer pieces, and as a colourful celebration of […]