Deleting Aerosmith – Holly Childs

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Four complete Aerosmith music videos but with all footage of the band Aerosmith deleted. This leaves/creates four 1990s teen mini movies you’ve never seen before; silent movies that slide across and around Clueless, Terminator 2, Showgirls, Stealing Beauty, Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion, Thelma and Louise whatever. Everyone is stupid and playful. Augmented with a new soundtrack, techno and female vocals recode this footage and disrupt the former dad-rock patriarchal gaze. The audience may ask themselves, “What movie is this?” racking their brains. Alicia Silverstone, Edward Furlong and Liv Tyler are free to shine, #nodads. Incidentally Steve Tyler, the singer of Aerosmith, is literally Liv Tyler’s father. Deleting Aerosmith could be comparable to Corey Archangel’s “Super Mario Clouds” but for children who grew up hating guitars and watching Rage. You can heal your life. Hack the planet.

Deleting Aerosmith / Deleting One

Deleting Aerosmith / Deleting Two

Deleting Aerosmith / Deleting Three

Deleting Aerosmith / Deleting Four

Holly Childs



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