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‘FFDII’ is an advertisement that pays close homage to Chris Burden’ 1977 TV commercial-cum performance, ‘Full Financial Disclosure’. In

conjunction with an exhibition at Baum-Silverman Gallery Burden purchased advertising time on Channels 2, 4 and 7, which all broadcasted throughout the greater Los Angeles area. With an American flag as his backdrop Burden took on the appearance of a dry, ‘post-Watergate’ politician, whilst reading out his gross income, expenses and net profit. By declaring his finances on TV Burden collapsed the comfortable distance between artwork, artist and income. In ‘FFDII’ I have altered Burden’ spiel and text to reflect my own income for the financial year 2012-2013, ‘Australianised’ the political content and changed the flag. In doing so I place myself, as Burden did, in the capitalist order of things, reducing the TV ad into a medium of wry, reflexive awkwardness. Burden declared that he was the first artist to make a full public financial disclosure. I may be the last to do so on the analogue airwaves.

Dominic Kirlwood

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Time and Space Destroyer Screening


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