Inside TV – John Jacobs

Inside TV pic copy

Inside TV is a punk snapshot of Aussie eighties TV culture made in 1984 by John Jacobs with domestic VHS video decks and guerilla-distributed at the end of hire videos. John spent much his suburban Australian idol-essence in a love/hate relationship with his television. His apprenticeship at the ABC revealed the magic powers of tape editing. The hypnotic spell of the broadcast could be recast! To get the full hallucinatory effect of “TV OD” he built a mechanically triggered random micro duration timer from a recycled washing machine mechanism. It was left on all night, hooked up to the VHS transport controls, grinding TV into a flickering frenzy. The critique is direct and hectoring, infused with mocking humour and gleeful hysteria. The image is smeared and lurid as it goes down the grimy tube of VHS generations. Not having any outlet for these pre-Internet video cutups, John under the moniker ‘Built in Ghosts’ dubbed them back onto the ends of hire tapes for random late-night discovery by fellow video junkies.

John Jacobs


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