It’s Me, I’m Here, Where’re You – Robyn Backen


It’s me, I’m here, Where’re you? was originally produced for the ABC project Yours Mine Ours: 50 years of ABC TV. This unique opportunity allowed for the innovation of an artwork from within the vaulted archive of ABC TV in close collaboration with ABC archive researchers. It’s me, I’m here, Where are you? used 50 years of telephone conversations generated by Australian drama. The selected archive include: hello’s, goodbyes, grunts, silences, answering, hanging up, questions, demands, sympathy, enquiry, deceit, disappointment, excitement. By removing the message or narrative what remains is a collection of actions, movements and the ubiquitous telephone; grey, black, white, cream, blue, round, square, dials, press pad, ringing, pulsing or beeping tones. Mobile and immobile, conversations bracketed by selected connections and disconnections. This archive project researched the everyday use and development of communication and television technology. The original work resulted in a high definition dual projection, addressing shifts in time and reflectivity. The film footage was constructed by generating a complex compositing technique, combining up to ten layers of ghost like film quotations. This produced a reconstruction of history with an ethereal perspective.

Robyn Backen


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