Jesse D. England


Jesse England was born in 1982 in Oregon, USA. In his youth, he was exposed to wide a variety of new imaging devices which supplanted their predecessors (16mm, Beta, VHS, Super 8mm, CD, DVD, miniDV, NTSC, etc., all came to pass). He obtained a bachelor of science degree in multimedia design from the University of Oregon in 2005. After this, he edited video for a local TV news station while witnessing the slow downfall of television news. It was during this time that his video artworks began to be shown at film festivals in the USA and Europe. In 2012, he obtained his MFA from Carnegie Mellon University. All these factors formed an artist with a critical view of the media, technology, consumer electronics, and the politics surrounding them. He currently makes a variety of gadgets, books, videos and assorted ephemera which comment on the nature of contemporary media consumption.



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