Josephine Skinner

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Josephine Skinner is a Sydney-based artist working with video installation. Fascinated by the convergence of private realities and social fictions, she transforms audiovisual material mined from YouTube into spectacles that are as emotive and immersive as they are banal and flawed. In 2013 she was awarded the Firstdraft Emerging Studio Residency Program, and was the recipient of an Arts NSW Artists’ Grant for her exhibition The end. Her work has featured in solo and group exhibitions and screenings, including The Social, Campbelltown Arts Centre (2013), With Open Arms, Blindside Gallery (2013), the Fisher’s Ghost Art Prize, Campbelltown Arts Centre (2013), Hopelessly Devoted, MOP Projects (2012), Pixilerations V.8, FirstWorks, USA (2011), and Sydney Underground Film Festival (2011). She is assistant curator at Stills Gallery where she curated Love Sick, a dual-venue project in association with Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Art Centre (2010), and co-curated The Big Picture (2013) and Mostly Agree (2012). Her writing has been published in Artlink, RealTime, Runway and UN magazines.

THE END – It’s Over

THE END - It Was All A Dream






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