Live from the Cockpit of Pampered Isolation, nightly at 6pm


As part of Box Set, join anchor Nick Keys each night at 6pm with a range of guests, ideas and discussions. Broadcast live each night at 6pm right here and broadcast on analog TV transmission: 681.25 MHZ in the UHF band.

Guests just announced include:

//Thu: Join Box Set anchor Nick Keys with Astrid Lorange, in conversation about Nathanael West’s 1939 Novella The Day of the Locust (in which there is a character named Homer Simpson). We’ll be discussing this proto-postmodern text onto The Simpsons, with special attention to infantile masculinity and riot scenes.

//Fri: Join Box Set anchor Nick Keys with Tom Lee, in conversation about hunger, fasting, bodily asceticism, Kafka’s Hunger Artist & cartoon violence.

//Sat: Join Box Set anchor Nick Keys in conversation with Nick Sun.

//Sun: Join Box Set anchor Nick Keys is joined by Zoë Coombs Marr to talk liveness, the amateur & pop glamour.


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