Matte Rochford


Matte Rochford is a performance artist who likes to work with videotapes and VCRs. Hailing from Dulwich Hill in Sydney, he studied performance at PACT Centre for Emerging Artists, and Communications (Social Inquiry) at UTS. He has lived in an art gallery in the name of performance art and has shown both static works and performances in galleries all over Sydney including Performance Space, Firstdraft Depot, Don’t Look Gallery, Mori Gallery, Peloton, Serial Space, Verge, 55 Sydenham Rd and the Red Rattler. Some past works include The Clock Radio Symphony Orchestra, a live performance for 100 clock radios and Videotape and Me, one of a series of video works on VHS tape. This year he has argued that contemporary art is a joke (Art Month debate) and was electric-shocked in a boxing match (Michaela Davies’ Game On at Underbelly). Matte plays in the band Ex-Trendy. He is a socialist.

Progressively Degrading Test Pattern


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