Neurovision – JOEL STERN

Joel Stern – Neurovision from Tele Visions on Vimeo.

Devised by  Joel Stern, written by Joel Stern, Dirk De Bruyn, Ceri Hann read by Dirk De Bruyn drawings by Gloria Stern with Anthony Magen.

Fast permanent reprogramming of your bio-subconscious computer (the subconscious mind), removal of fears, negative physical habits and mental viruses – including television itself.

Joel Stern’s Neurovision will work with the audience to create a kind of psychological televisual feedback session with cerebral echoes of hypnosis, mass media messaging and the tropes of live TV studio audience participation. Stern believes that over the 57 years of analog television, the basic aims and modes of communication for TV have not changed so much. With the switch to digital, will the authoritarian power of mass media messages become fragmented? Or will time shifting allow these messages to infiltrate our lives further, and become even more amplified?

LIVE EVENT broadcast November 2013

Friday 29th of November at Carriageworks, Track 8 at 8:30pm 2013


Part Of TELE VISIONS AFTERLUDE at Experimenta: Recharge 6th International Biennial of Media Art 




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