Nicola Morton


Nicola Morton loves machines and the paranormal, when she was young she would dream she was a steam train. She has a B.Music (Technology) from Qld Conservatorium of Music (2003). Her performance work (encompassing music and visual art) has received significant support in the form of independent review plus awards and grants from QMusic, Asialink, Brisbane City Council, Renew Newcastle and Ptarmigan. Post-internet, DIY International collaboration and cross disciplinary exchange is a key component of her work and she has worked with artists, musicians, architects, composers and writers from Australia, Japan, Indonesia, USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Faroe Islands and Latvia culminating in a shortlisting by the 17th VideoBrasil Competitive Exhibition for her psychic video project, Remote Viewing Experiment #1. She is a co-director at EXIST ari and REAL BAD MUSIC and continues to explore parapsychology and machines in her postgraduate research.

Analog TV Booty to Bad Intentions’ Hemloch


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