No Frills: Video Zine – 7U?



No frills was a photocopied ‘zine that ran from 1998-2003 over 10 sporadic issues and included a one off CD and a videocassette. The ‘zine was a collection of random findings, submissions from readers and collages; assembled by Guy Sterling under the pseudonym 7U? It was also used to promote local noise/unintelligent dance music events and “lefty” political views.

The video was collated by 7U? and then smashed together using two VCR machines with the technical assistance of David ‘Toecutter’ Harris. Material was submitted by contributors such as Sean Healy, Emile Zile, Null Object, 7U? and John Jacobs. Like the ‘zine it also included a selection of blatantly appropriated material from a variety of sources, often without the owners permission. The video had a limited distribution and was cut up/projected at various System Corrupt parties and other raves.



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