Pattern/Gestures – Amelia Johannes


‘Pattern/Gestures is an experimental video that re-edits elements of found family videos, which were originally captured on VHS, to illustrate the idea that tradition can be defined by repetition.  This video piece investigates my mixed South African heritage by visually exploring footage of my family to experiment with perspective, perception, recognition and uncertainty of the video image. The raw VHS footage illustrates recorded family memories captured in the late 1980s to early 1990s. This footage has been visually experimented with during the editing process via the cropping of frames and the collating of repetitive patterns.

Pattern/Gestures is a creation of visual rhythm that illustrates a pattern of incorporeal recorded memories, which when edited neglects any form of chronological time, focusing on the rhythm and gesture-driven-pattern emulating throughout the family videos. This is an analytically planned assemblage revealing within it a rhythm and kinetic movement of lyrical pattern. The family video is removed from the sentimental into a dirty materiality – this is seen in the VHS pixilation and analogue saturation of colours – emphasising the ambiguity of the imagery and rhythmic nature of the video sequence.

Amelia Johannes

Screening Event:

Pattern Gestures Screening

This work was used as a curatorial point of focus for the other works in this screening reel. Thanks to Amelia Johannes for allowing us to use the title of her work in our screening event.


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