Progressively Degrading Test Pattern – Matte Rochford


Progressively Degrading Test Pattern is a video sequence showing the way a signal becomes weaker when videotape is copied over and over again. Using a test pattern from the end of a rented VHS tape and two video cassette recorders (VCRs), the image is copied from the original tape to a new blank tape. That tape is in turn copied to a third tape and so on and so on. With each generation the signal becomes less sharp, the colours fade, the image begins to flutter and eventually loses all integrity, flying around the screen and becoming very noisy, washed out and unrecognisable. The results are unpredictable, little bits of noise become amplified, a small flicker becomes a huge event and beautiful new images are created.

Matte Rochford


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  1. […] are objects which have been technologically superseded, yet they still retain a kind of soul. In Progressively Degrading Test Pattern, a test pattern from the end of a rental video was copied onto a succession of VHS tapes, each time […]