Sarah Byrne

sarah byrne

Sarah Byrne is a Brisbane-based artist interested in the cross-pollination of video, sound, and performative installation practice tainted by cringe culture and pop critique. Through processes of addressing the re-edit, Byrne investigates conceptual and material forms of appropriated video poetics, and the disruption of psychological and screen spaces. Playing emphasis upon cut and paste repetition and nonsensical dialectics; Sarah creates off-kilter spaces utilizing “thought vacuum” dialogues and scratch edit methods to explore reflective deconstructions of contemporary identity through materials of  previous existence. 

Recent exhibitions and performances include; Found Sound- Reinventing the Wheel: The Readymade Century, MUMA 2013; Concrete Joke, Bus Projects, 2013; Right Side of the Tracks, ZonkVision, 2013; Siege Mentality, OtherFilm, 2012; Artists’ Proof #1, MUMA, 2012. 

Byrne graduated with Honours from the Queensland University of Technology in 2008, and is the co-founding member and previous co-director of Brisbane ARI inbetweenspaces from 2007-2010. 

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