Shall We Sing a Song for You? – Katie Hare


Comprised from field recordings of British football chants sung by Sunderland AFC supporters and footage of veteran band Girlschool, one of Britain’s few all-female heavy metal bands, in Shall we sing a song for you? Hare seeks to capture the electricity of being part of the crowd alongside the thrill and element of danger that comes with sacrificing oneself before that same mob. Hailing from a family of ardent Sunderland fans, Hare became aware of the similarity in the powerful, nauseously exciting atmosphere in the stadium on match day and that of the suburban pubs she played in with bands during her teens. Shall we sing a song for you? is part of on an ongoing body of work exploring female identity in popular culture.

Katie Hare

Screening Event:

Time and Space Destroyer Screening


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