Sky Needle: Tour Diary 2013 – Alex Cuffe

Sky Needle (01)

In September / October 2013 the Australian experimental music group Sky Needle toured across the UK and Europe with fellow travellers Mad Nanna. ‘Sky Needle: Tour Diary’ is a document of this trip. Shot on a consumer point and shoot and an Aldi HD camcorder by different band members and produced by Alex Cuffe, ‘Sky Needle Tour Diary’ captures in-between moments, arbitrary and incidental aspects of the journey. Like the music it’s an endless loop that is Sky Needle on tour.

SKY NEEDLE are a band of humans living in Brisbane, Melbourne and Kyogle, Australia. They were founded in 2009 at the foot of the Brisbane ‘sky needle’, a strange architectural extravagance left inexplicably derelict since its construction for world expo 88. In honour of this giant phallic absurdity, Sky Needle vowed to only perform using their own home-made instruments.

Alex Cuffe


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