Society of the Spectacle – Heath Schultz

The Society of the Spectacle (2013) takes infamous Situationist Guy Debord’s film of the same name as a starting point and skeleton for a new video project. Through intensive research and détournement the film is part recreation, part criticism, and part inquiry.

Détournement need not only be a mode of subversion, but can also be a self-critical and open-ended way of thinking and making — one that might also be used by others. Spectacle can be thought of as a piece of research by way of re-making or re-stating; a research project which makes use of Debord’s work not as a quotation but as an appropriation of a collective inheritance in the cultural commons. This is how Debord worked, both with his own work as well as his use of the work from others. For Debord this is the “first step toward a literary communism.” I have only the modest hope that my film might contribute to a deepening of a theoretical analysis and contribute to a culture of anti-capitalist cultural production

Heath Schultz


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