Techné – Auxons

tele visions still

The work being  displayed on Tele Visions is a single screen extract from a larger three screened installation piece exhibited in 2007 titled Techné – Auxons.  The premise behind this work being a Heiddeger-esque reference to the technology in itself being a piece of high art, whilst also referring to the self producing nature of said technologies. This was achieved by reappraising the function of various historical consumer electronic devices, namely a Fairlight CVI  video synthesiser, and a Moog modular audio synthesisers. The technology was reinterpreted to produce sound and video in both native and opposing formats. Video produced in the Fairlight CVI is displayed in its native format whilst also being ported directly into an audio signal. The audio signal then being fed through the Moog modular synthesiser and once again ported into its native audio, and opposing video formats. A continuous, self producing loop is thus created as the signal is once again fed through and ported. In this instance the viewer is presented with an extract from the first section of the installation, that is, video displayed in its native video and opposing audio formats, i.e. utilising the 50hz hum of a video signal to create the sound of video.

Andrew Gadow



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