Television Behaviour Studies – PIA VAN GELDER

Pia van Gelder- Television Behaviour Studies from Tele Visions on Vimeo.

By Pia van Gelder

Television Behaviour Studies is a participatory audio video work for live television broadcast that explores the intrinsic electronic nature of analogue television. The Tele Visions live studio at Track 8 will be inhabited by a number of interactive analogue electronic televisual experiments. They have been developed using heirlooms from television history and esoteric technologies including analogue synthesis, closed circuit and feedback setups, and bio sensing.

Through these series of experiments with prepared instruments for televisual performance, audience members will be invited to participate in the creation of experimental media and engage with the apparatus of analogue television, encountering its reflexivity, liveliness, connectivity, ethereality and fragility with the guidance of artist Pia van Gelder.

LIVE EVENT broadcast  November 2013

Saturday 30th November at Carriageworks, Track 8 at 8:30pm, 2013

Television Behaviour Studies & FORWARDS FORWARDS and Pattern Gestures Screening


Part Of TELE VISIONS AFTERLUDE at Experimenta: Recharge 6th International Biennial of Media Art 




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