THE END: It’s Over – Josephine Skinner


Presenting alternative versions of two classic cliffhangers, these 30 second videos remix YouTube footage of original 70s soap opera promos with recent user-created content, featuring the fates of unwanted home TVs. These new promos provide teasers for The end, an exhibition concurrently presented at Firstdraft Gallery, which aims to draw an analogy between our relationship with CRT TVs and the passionate yet tragic ones they once inspired. In a multi-channel video and text installation, The end interweaves digital and analogue components, along with real and fictional narratives, to explore a technology’s lost love and the heartbreaking truth of its demise in our digitally networked era. However, by transforming online expressions to heighten their emotional impact, it also asks if the melodrama made commonplace by TV might live on through a shared desire for the dramatic in our own self remixes.

Josephine Skinner

Screening Event:

Time and Space Destroyer Screening


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