Tom Zubrycki

Tom Zubrycki

Tom Zubrycki is an award-winning documentary filmmaker  renowned for his distinctive observational story-telling style and his ability to get close to his subjects.

Over a career spanning 30 years his best-known films as director include Billal (1996), The Diplomat (2000),  Molly & Mobarak (2003) and The Hungry Tide (2011), and as producer Exile in Sarajevo (1996), Making Venus (2002) and The Sunnyboy (2013). Tom teaches documentary master-classes at AFTRS and 2010 he received the Stanley Hawes Award “in recognition of outstanding contribution to documentary filmmaking in Australia”.

Tom learnt his filmmaking at Metro when it first opened in 1974 making short ‘process’ videos using the first generation video porta-paks with Sydney-based community groups and trade unions.  These videos, which often had a specific political aim were shown in town halls and community centres, and included in submissions to government, eg Fig St Fiasco (1974) and The Inner City Tape (1976).


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