Tonight at the Cockpit of Pampered Isolation: Nick Keys In Conversation with Tom Lee

The Cockpit

As part of Box Set, join anchor Nick Keys each night at 6pm with a range of guests, ideas and discussions. Broadcast live each night at 6pm right here and broadcast on analog TV transmission: 681.25 MHZ in the UHF band.

Tonight Nick will be joined by writer and academic Tom Lee,  in conversation about hunger, fasting, bodily asceticism, Kafka’s Hunger Artist, Itchy & Scratchy & cartoon violence

Tom Lee is a Sydney based poet who is imminently submitting his doctoral thesis on the prose fiction of the late W. G. Sebald. He lives in Manly and returns often to the farm where he grew up in Central West NSW. His poetry and poetry criticism has featured in Overland Magazine, Southerly Journal, Blackbox Manifold, Steamer, and The Reader. His poem ‘Plateau’ was commended in the 2008 Judith Wright Poetry Awards. A selection of his creative and critical work is viewable at



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