Turned Off – Tara Cook


TURNED OFF” is an audio-visual video work that presents the moment when CRT TVs are turned off, creating various structures of light and abstractions of sound as the signal deconstructs and disappears into the tube. From representation to abstraction and finally finality, the switching off process is an event in which immersion breaks down to reality, conveying the apparatus or defining aspects of the technology, it’s tube. These farewelling orbs were not intentionally made with a function, their form follows the practicalities of their design. These visual manifestations are didactic moments that unveil and express the television’s materiality, regardless of the intentions of the viewer. These flashes of wavelengths are poetic to us, in the process of their freedom from our chains of demand and use. Also sublime, the void like presence of absence in their black, silent screens reminds us of our own finality.

Tara Cook

Screening Event:
Pattern Gestures Screening



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