TV Orb – Zinzi Kennedy

Still - TVorb

TV orb is documentation of a multichannel installation as part of The Rave Cave of Psychotropic Nightmares, 2012 exhibited at Kings ARI. The Rave Cave involved the accumulation of diverse materials and aesthetic approaches toward the formation of the work. The discarded materials of a spectacular society were merged together to form a large fluorescently coloured display that outwardly impressed the senses. In TV orb each video records a fraction of a red light slowly increasing in intensity and disappearing to black. The constantly fading light on the television, once a beloved member of the family indicates the decline of the medium as the screen sits amongst detritus. Each screen slowly fades from a black screen to an intense red, drawing out the presence and disappearance inherent within the medium. This inherent presence and subsequent disappearance is imbued in analogue’s specificity, as the video image is continuously written in scan lines on the screen in two interlocking fields; an image is never truly present in analogue.

Zinzi Kennedy 


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