New Statics – Zinzi Kennedy


New Statics is a single channel video that plays with the technological flux of the analogue solved by the advent of digital video, the inability to make a perfect replica. A recording of light has been dubbed on multiple VCRs in an act of electronic erosion, whereby each redubbing of the image degrades the image quality as it indeterminately shifts due to slight physical alternations to the magnetic strip of the tape.  The process of dubbing and redubbing footage concurrently on different VCR devices equates to the time spent by the plein air painter who surveys the landscape and details in its’ minutiae. This long observation of the footage seems endless and cyclical only ended by the decision to cease the deterioration. The sound for New Statics was produced in collaboration with Joseph Cunliffe who manipulated static from the radio through a delay pedal.

Zinzi Kennedy


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