Tyco and Vollmer – Mike Heynes

Tyco and Vollmer

Tyco and Vollmer are ghost towns, the unhomely locations for a dystopian travel diary. Filmed as a disorienting point of view tour through empty city streets, this work investigates notions of uncanny space, and tests how technology can be used to describe character in an otherwise deserted world. The video format plays on memories of VHS and provides a 1980’s time stamp, while the fuzzy image obscures the method of set construction.  The sets in Tyco and Vollmer were created using readymade kitset buildings, other modelers’ rejects purchased second hand through Trade Me and e-bay.

Tyco and Vollmer responds to contemporary tropes of nostalgia such as the Hipstamatic app for smart phone photographs, and the iMovie Aged Film filter that allow users to add old film effects, and represent memory or nostalgia with the click of a button. These applications appear to mourn the passing of the technologies they helped render obsolete, whereas the VHS effect used for Tyco and Vollmer is the real thing. Sequences were filmed on a low-resolution analogue camera and digitized for editing software, exported to VHS tape to add authenticity, and  then finally re-digitised for distribution.

Mike Heynes


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