(Utopian Memory Banks Presents) Fragments from the Past – David Perry

Utopian copy

Utopian Memory Banks Present Fragments from the Past (the longest title I’ve ever used), uses footage originally shot in London with an early form of half-inch portapak. With a crew of students in an art-school video studio I imagined a dystopian future where old videotapes had been “found in a building in Old North London.” These videotapes are played to an imaginary audience as evidence of the way things were before “all information about all people was recorded.” (Shot in 1973, I fear the concept was horribly prophetic.) The visual quality of this piece is “as rough as guts,” but perhaps
that’s part of its meaning.The original piece was produced at the time when modern feminists were beginning to assert themselves. I think this might have influenced the way that I created the role of “the presenter” with a male appearance and a female voice.

David Perry

Screening Event:

Pattern Gestures Screening




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