w r a t h by Nina Buchanan


w r a t h is a music program picking up from ABC’s Rage, to focus on local Australian music video production. Run early in the morning, the program will showcase Australia’s best and weirdest videos form local music scenes.

Wrath will feature artists such as experimental band Sky Needle(MELB), Multiple Man (BRIS) and Brainbeau/Shooga/X in O (BRIS). The program will allow for a diverse range of music to be represented, mirroring Australia’s national mass of underground and DIY music and creative communities. The music video has become increasingly important tool to expose and encourage new audiences to embrace niche or independent music as music subcultures become more and more integrated with the digital platform. In creative communities, musicians and visual artists have often collaborated; music video is where both worlds meet.

1. Stars and Dust – Angie
2. Big Bone Bitch – Zanzibar Chanel
3. Dreamworld Waiting – Kt Spit
4. Vat Brained Visions – Brainbeau
5. End Games – Sky Needle
6. Holy Balm Theme – Holy Balm
7. Whipping Boy – Multiple Man
8. Rites Wild Theme – Rites Wild
9. Primitive Derivative – Horse MacGyver
10. Perfect Systems – Michael Ozone
11. Secrets – Property
12. Milk Bar – Ghetto Pussy
13. Cleaning Up My Mess – Blank Realm
14. Girls – Royal Headache
15. Bitter Defeat – Kitchen’s Floor

Nina Buchanan

Image taken from Stars and Dust by Angie


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