Waterfall – Harley Ives

Waterfall 1, 2012

Waterfall 1 is concerned with material qualities of the moving image and their potential to be viewed in a similar context to that of painterly gestures. When the equipment that produces the moving image malfunctions it registers its appearance on the screen in the form of visual artifacts or glitches. In isolation these artifacts have a particular appearance according to the processes that caused them. Technically they could be discerned but it is their attributes as random marks of colour and movement interjecting with a figurativedepiction that align them with a painterly gesture. Directed by the sound of degenerating chimes, the analogue artifacts in this piece appear at times to push and pull at the image of a waterfall but another times appear to be part of it.As with viewing a painting, there is no prescribed amount of time necessary to perceive the aesthetic of this work. Constructed as a continuous and seamless loop without beginning or end, Waterfall 1 reveals itself to the viewer through its various formal components. From an observation of the overall composition to the application of the medium and the detail of its artifacts, and how their colour and motion draw a painterly comparison to the rainbows that appear in falling water.

Harley Ives


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