Zinzi Kennedy


ACAB collective based in Melbourne, is Zinzi Kennedy and Ben Johanson. ACAB was founded in 2010 after graduating from Honours of Fine Art at Monash University. The collective has since been exhibiting throughout artist run initiatives and visual art festivals nationally, primarily producing large-scale multimedia installations which reinvents locally sourced materials through accumulation, manipulation and transformation. ACAB’s work engages in an ecological dialogue surrounding ideologically and socially formed perceptions of nature and technology. ACAB revalues the obsolete within an art context through the collecting and salvaging of discarded technology specifically analogue systems. Through self-reflexive consideration of the apparatus and an engagement with John Cage’s methodology of indeterminacy, our video work aims to generate a state of mental emptiness as related the Zen conception of Śūnyatā and the practice of Zazen. In 2012 ACAB was awarded the Substation Contemporary Art Prize People’s Choice Award and in 2013 was selected to be a showcased artist in SafARI Festival. ACAB collective’s work in 2013 continues to explore the inherent dichotomies in prolific modern production, consumption and waste of household electronics.


New Static

TV Orb



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